250 GB to 10 TB

Choose a package according to your needs and evolve it at your own rhythm


Mydatabox is proud to be a pioneer to store 100% of the data in the decentralized cloud Storj.io


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us ?

Mydatabox is a new safer and friendlier online backup service than others.
Manage your account and your files by using a dashboard. This from your computer, tablet or cellphone.
If case of problems, you will speak directly with our engineers who monitor the network at any time.
Mydatabox automatically backup your emails Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail / Outlook and all others.
  • Storj.io

    Mydatabox uses Storj.io storage solution to protect your files in the most secure, private and encrypted cloud of the world.

  • Segmentation of files

    Storj.io network cutting files in hundreds of segments to decentralize through nodes around the globe. A node is a computer.

  • Robust

    No file exists completely in any node, region or country. Impossible to read a segment.


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