Why Mydatabox use Storj.io storage solution ?

Storj.io is based on blockchain technology and peer-to-peer protocols to provide the most secure, private, and encrypted cloud storage.
- Storj.io team

Mydatabox must be a data backup and sharing platform offering a real security for these customers. Decentralization, popularized by Bitcoin, is the best solution to date.
- Jonathan Forte, developer at Mydatabox

Decentralized file storage systems like Storj have the potential to eliminate high markup costs and market inefficiencies and provide a much higher level of privacy, reliability and quality of service than we see today.
- Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum

  • Segmentation of files

    Split files into hundreds of segments allows to decentralize through nodes

  • Encryptions of segments

    Impossible, even for Mydatabox, to decrypt and read a segment

  • Thousands of nodes worldwide

    The worldwide nodes distribution creates a robust network against all types of attacks

  • Always 3 copies of each segment

    When a node disconnects, losts segments are copied immediately

  • Decentralization of files

    The best technology to protect your files because they depend on any authority

  • Open to everyone

    Join the network by creating your node, you will be daily paid for each hosted segment

How does it work ?

With Mydatabox, no need to buy Bitcoins or Storjcoins to use Storj.io. Mydatabox serves as a bridge, easy to use, to store data in the Storj.io network. We will do the rest. Specifically, here's how it works.

Creating your account

When creating your account, Mydatabox create a "bucket" of the size selected on the Storj.io network. A bucket is simply a storage space.

Access key to the bucket

Mydatabox create an access key to the bucket using your user and password. This key is used to send and retrieve files in your bucket of Storj.io network.

Send files

When you send a file in Mydatabox, it is immediately transferred to Storj.io. We do not keep copies.

Download files

When you download a file in Mydatabox in reality you download a "stream" of the file from the Storj.io network.

Storj.io network costs

Costs of the Storj.io network (in Storjcoins) are paid by Mydatabox. So you have to renew your Mydatabox plan using the payment method of your choice.

Encrypted communications

All communication between you and Mydatabox and between Mydatabox and Storj.io are encrypted using 128-bit SSL.